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Recent peer reviewed studies have shown that ibogaine is an effective medicine for most types of addiction and is far superior to conventional addiction management options. Ibogaine is an “addiction interrupter” that resets the dopamine reward circuitry in the brain. Ibogaine is also an effective treatment for many mental and emotional disorders and a powerful tool for self discovery and personal growth.

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Safe, effective and affordable ibogaine treatment

At Iboga Tree, we provide safe and effective ibogaine treatment for people from around the world. We want you to become healthier, happier and enjoy the rest of your life free from addiction.

safety with ibogaine treatment

100% Safety Record

Ibogaine requires a professional medical approach to treatment. Our screening process ensures that only those who are fit and well enough go forward for treatment. Our patients are also monitored 24/7 while undergoing ibogaine treatment. You are safe with us.



Our goal is to help as many people as possible to transform their lives. Therefore, while our prices are competitive, we never compromise on the quality of our service.

pre care and after care ibogaine treatment

Pre care & Aftercare

Pre & aftercare are as important as the ibogaine treatment itself. We offer compassionate and non-judgmental care and support before, juring and after your treatment.

How does ibogaine treatment works?

Ibogaine s the only known medicine which interrupts addiction without withdrawal symptoms. Ibogaine is effective for treatment against a range of substances including opioids (heroin, methadone, suboxone, oxycodone), cocaine, alcohol, marijuana, amphetamine and nicotine. If you think of your brain as a computer hard drive, ibogaine acts like an anti-virus software that defrags the hard drive and removes all the viruses. Ibogaine works through the baggage of past traumas, learned behaviours and belief systems to address the underlying emotional cause of addiction. Ibogaine also has an antidepressant effect which contributes to a healthy and successful recovery plan. Finally, ibogaine has strong detoxifying powers and is an effective anti-fungal, anti-parasitic and anti-viral agent, enhancing general well being and increasing energy levels after treatment. read more...

Why us?

At Iboga Tree Healing House we focus on the three pillars of healing: body, mind and spirit. Thanks to our combined life experience, we have a deep compassion and understanding for even the most difficult and challenging situations. We offer a safe, supportive and non-judgmental environment for you to recover from your addiction, or for your spiritual journey and healing through our psycho-spiritual programme.

We try to listen more than talk, as each person needs an individual approach and a bespoke treatment. We use a combination of different therapies along with the ibogaine treatment as well as a rigorous pre-care & after-care programme that offers much better results than simply providing ibogaine on its own.

We didn’t choose ibogaine. Ibogaine chose us. . Read more about treatment providers here ->


  • "Hi, I am 34 and for last 15 years I've been taking drugs. I've been trying to stop with use of different methods but nothing really worked. Friend of mine recommended to me iboga treatment, so I've decided to give it a go and try it. I met Adam & Edyta, both of them are highly professional, very nice and friendly people. Today, 3 months passed since the treatment. I feel really good. I don't have any fear or stress and feel stable so I'd like to highly recommend Edyta and Adam iboga treatment as a great method to give you guys the chance to change your life's."

    - (person decided to stay anonymous)

Is ibogaine safe?

Yes, when used appropriately with the experienced & responsible providers and when all patients inclusion criteria are met. Ibogaine can be dangerous if used alone, without medical pre-screening and without proper set, setting and preparation. At Iboga Tree - Healing House we have 100% safety records.read more ->

What is ibogaine effective for?

Ibogaine treatment gives most spectacular results treating various types of addictions. It is also effective working on certain mental - emotional disorders. Iboga trip can be a priceless experience for the spiritual growth seekers. At Iboga Tree - Healing House we combine selected & effective therapies along with the ibogatreatment for the best results. This of course is optional you can stick only to your iboga trip. See the full list of the conditions treated here.

What kind of support do you provide?

Pre-care support to help you get everything right before your treatment. Day and night care, guidance and monitoring during the treatment programs followed by 6-12 months after-care program to make sure you get the long lasting results. Our approach is comprehensive and individually tailored to your needs. read more ->

What is the cost of the ibogaine treatment?

We aim to make ibogaine treatment as affordable as possible while maintaining high safety standards and providing long lasting results. Since every person & their history is unique therefore every application is examined individually and the price depends on the type of the program. To find out what is the investment in your new life, please fill out an application form now.

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