4th January 2017

How Much Does Ibogaine Treatment Cost?

how much does ibogaine treatment cost

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Ibogaine Treatment Cost

The subject of the ibogaine treatment cost can be very confusing and creates real dilemma for majority of people considering that form of therapy. How much does ibogaine treatment cost? Our prices are though very competitive comparing to other centres. The price for 7-Day Psycho-Spiritual All Inclusive Program is €1750. Addiction Detox Programs starts from €2000. Of course we can’t give you the exact number when it comes to addiction treatment since it depends on the many factors, what we can do though we can point out the couple of the essential facts which contribute to the price of that service so you can evaluate and judge for yourself.

The 3 most important factors to consider about the cost of ibogaine treatment:

1) The duration of the ibogaine treatment.

Although some centres offer weekend low dose sessions most of the standard programmes take at least one week. The ibogaine treatment itself can take up to 36 hours with the intense phase of it up to 8-12 hours and the second milder phase around another 12-24 hours. So the actual treatment itself takes at least 24 hours and can be longer.

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Before the treatment you need at least one day of accommodation in the centre so you can settle down and prepare for your ceremony. Your providers help you to get everything sorted before your trip. After the actual treatment most of the people rest in bed for 1-2 days. You can of course get up, get some food and have a little walk around, but it’s normal to feel tired at this stage and most of the people need some assistance and help. The time needed for recovery is of course very individual but based on experience we see that to regain full emotional and physical strength one needs at least 3-4 days after the treatment. Summarising full dose ibogaine treatment is a long and intense enough experience which takes time and requires professional care for the most part of it.

At Iboga Tree Healing House we don’t provide the group sessions. You receive the full attention, care and monitoring from the two providers at all times. In that way you can always use the guidance and the support you need from your provider. Of course we do it in a gentle way so you don’t feel overwhelmed and always focus on your own personal experience. It is extremely important though to feel safe and taken care of while on ibogaine treatment. It affects the experience hugely. The professional care throughout of entire treatment time is one of the biggest ibogaine treatment costs, but it’s the one definitely worth paying for.

2) Healthy food and accommodation.

The cost of ibogaine treatment contains the cost of the accommodation. We offer double (for couples) and single private room accommodation. The centre is located in beautiful natural surroundings where you can relax and rest after the treatment, contemplate and reconnect with yourself and nature. The quiet environment is also extremely important for the ibogaine session itself. Afterwards you can recover supported by the nature and your after care team. The healthy nutritious food is also very important to regain the energy after the trip. The food doesn’t have to be super fancy but we make sure it’s delicious and has all the nutritional value you need.

3) Pre care, after care and the additional treatments.

ibogaine treatment costs

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At Iboga Tree Healing House we don’t emphasize or specialise at running the luxury retreats. Instead we focus on the healing and therapeutic value of all the experience. Our aim is to provide you with the best conditions for the healing and personal transformation to take place. Our focus is to make sure you have everything you need for the safe and beneficial ibogaine treatment. We don’t operate in a five star hotel but you get everything what you need for the safe and effective ibogaine ceremony. Most off all we prepare you for the experience physically and emotionally.

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Afterwards we help you to recover from the treatment and move towards happier and healthier life. The additional treatments like massage and acupuncture are here to support all the process. Acupuncture strengthens you and relaxes you before Iboga, massage helps to recover after many hours in bed (which is part of the ibogaine treatment). The most important though is our support, guidance and care before during and after the treatment.

At Iboga Tree Healing House we offer very good quality ibogaine treatments at affordable prices, we do not build up the price by unnecessary luxurious pampering, but we provide you with all the most important aspects of the treatment for the price you can afford. On the other side it takes big amount of time, effort, knowledge and responsibility on our side to give you the best quality treatment. All those factors together with the price of the ibogaine itself contribute to the ibogaine treatment cost.

Hope this article clarified some doubts about the real cost of ibogaine treatment. Feel free to email us or fill out an application form to get some more information about you personal treatment plan.

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