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    Rehab vs Iboga Treatment

    14th January 2017

14th January 2017

Rehab vs Iboga Treatment

Iboga Treatment

drug addiction

drug addiction is a serious problem in society

Addictions become more and more common and difficult to deal with problem of the modern world. There may be some confusion for those seeking for help whether to undergo the traditional addiction treatment or choose more alternative but also more effective option which is ibogaine addiction treatment / iboga treatment. These article explains why ibogaine is a very real chance for everybody who seriously wants to start a new life.

Why rehabs don’t work?

  • One of the fundamental rules of the 12 steps programs is the belief that addiction is an incurable disease and lifetime destination, people attending those meetings have to each time introduce themselves as an addicts or alcoholics like if it was the main characteristic of their personality which they can never and they will never escape from.
talking therapies in rehab centre

rehabs don’t address withdrawals and cravings

  • Rehab is a time of reinforced sobriety that uses talking therapies to fix biological, medical problem which is already on the level of the changed brain structure. The modern science shows that the brain of an addict is changed in its structure and functioning. These changes are caused by the abuse of the chemical substance like drug or alcohol. There is no effective addiction therapy without precise addressing of that changes. This is the reason why addicts who try to quit cold turkey experience such a horrible and difficult withdrawal symptoms and cravings, because their brain doesn’t work normally anymore and it needs to be fixed.
  • Talking therapies don’t do anything for the cravings and withdrawals, they only convince people that cravings is something they will have to deal with for the rest of their life since addiction is incurable. Expecting somebody to live with the cravings for ever is very unrealistic
girl taking drugs

rehab has very low success rate

  • 12 steps programs admit that addiction is a biological disease but at the same time they try to fix it only by talking without being able to address the physical aspect of the problem. This fact explains very low effectiveness of traditional rehab centres
  • Some people don’t like the idea of using any drug like ibogaine to treat the disease called addiction. At the same time doctors prescribe drugs to cure any other disease, where is the logic? Ibogaine is the one single dose medication which regulates brain chemistry and removes withdrawals and cravings at once. It is not replacing one drug with the other like some may suggest. It is using the drug once to fix the problem at its core.

Why iboga treatment works?

  • iboga plant contains ibogaine used for iboga treatment

    ibogaine is derived from tabernanthe iboga

    Ibogaine retreat is a very real chance for everybody who seriously wants to stop their addiction. It effectively addresses the most difficult aspects of quitting drugs or alcohol, which are withdrawals symptoms and cravings
  • Iboga treatment is able to fix all the damage in the brain which is a result of substance abuse. It brings the state of the nervous system back to the pre addiction state, allowing successful recovery. Ibogaine allows for the detox with no withdrawals symptoms and no cravings. It changes addict into none addict in around 24 hours.
  • It happens through ibogaine ability to regulate and fix damaged brain receptors particularly those related to levels of dopamine and serotonin. Regulating the brain’s chemistry back to its healthy levels cures the disease called addiction on physical level. That gives the chance for the new life
iboga treatment

iboga treatment fix brain on biological level

  • Additionally deep meditative state which is part of ibogaine treatment allows to address the psychological aspect of an addiction. Every addiction is a form of dealing with some emotional or even physical pain. Ibogaine allows to address this psychological root cause of dependence. It helps to heal the past traumas and come to peace with the people and life in general
  • person free from addiction using iboga treatment

    freedom from addiction naturally

    This very deep and introspective, meditative state allows to see past events from different perspective, provides with the sense of closure and release. On psycho – emotional level ibogaine session offers an understanding and healing of the old wounds. Patients are finally able to forgive themselves and others and move on forward towards new, healthier and happier life

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