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    Conditions Treated with Ibogaine Therapy


Ibogaine therapy is very effective at treating several conditions. In this article we list the addictions & mental conditions that iboga is effective for.

Ibogaine Therapy – Addictions

Ibogaine addiction treatment gives the most spectacular & instant results . Patients are able to change their life from being addicted to a non-addict in a matter of few days without withdrawal symptoms and cravings. There is no other treatment which offers such an amazing results. List of addictions treated at Iboga Tree – Healing House:

Ibogaine Therapy – Mental Problems

Many mental/eating problems are deep rooted in the human psyche. Traumatic experiences and conditioning leave a scarf in the psyche and also on biological level. Ibogaine therapy works on 3 levels at the same time in one session: it restore natural brain chemistry and heal wounds, detoxify body and allow participant to go very deep into themselves to discover and heal traumatic wounds which are causing several problems on body-mind level.

Personal/Spiritual Growth

Iboga ceremony is an amazing tool for personal/spiritual discovery in every aspect. It induces dream-like meditative state in which participant goes very deep into and meet he’s true “I”. On the other hand restore brain and body chemistry which is like a “reset button” for body and mind. After session participant feel fresh, have a clear and focused mind. There is a lot more to say which you can read in the link below:

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