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    Iboga Retreat - Psycho-Spiritual Journey & Healing

Iboga Retreat - The History

Iboga retreat visions

Iboga Ceremony Visions

Ibogaine is mostly famous as an amazingly efficient anti addiction medicine. It's shown to be extremely effective at cutting off the addictions even from such a substances like heroin, methadone, cocaine, amphetamine and alcohol and others. Originally though ibogaine was used in Bwiti tradition as a tool for self exploration and initiation into adulthood. As a part of this culture it was essential to initiate the spirituality and maturity of the young people by undergoing the ibogaine ceremony. Iboga was also used as a powerful medicine for various physical and emotional problems. Being a psycho spiritual tool it was helping to understand the human soul and the nature of life itself. The ritual use of ibogaine was supporting the maintenance of the the peace and harmony in the communities.

Common Benefits from Iboga Retreat - Psycho-Spiritual Program

iboga retreat

visions on iboga ceremony

Nowadays Ibogaine becomes more and more popular way of spiritual healing and development in the western world. Ibogaine treatment provides with the access to the more subtle aspects of ourself:
  • It allows for the deep transformative journey into ones soul, providing with the understanding and healing.
  • It's known for bringing the suppressed emotional content back into consciousness and resolving it there.
  • People report to be more peaceful, still and able to enjoy their life after ibogaine treatment.
  • The mind after ibogaine treatment seems to be clearer, free from the clutter and more able to enjoy simple things in life.
  • People after iboga seem to be more confident and happier with the more mature and conscious attitude towards life.
  • One remains to be more self aware and more connected to the own soul and heart.
  • It's like coming back home where it's more possible to be calm and safe.

Additional Benefits

couple after iboga retreat

couple after iboga retreat

The results of one ibogaine treatment are compared with the good couple of years of traditional psychotherapy. Ibogaine treatment provided many people with the serious therapeutic breakthrough. Iboga ceremony is an effective way to detoxify the body and mind, and restart the nervous system. It helped to overcome the psychological blocks and improved the quality of life for many. Ibogaine has shown to be effective at treating depression, anxiety and PTSD. It helps to heal the self destructive patterns of thinking and behaving. It approaches and heals everybody in its own precise and individual way.

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Testimonial 1 - Iboga Retreat

Testimonial 2 - Iboga Experience

7-Day All Inclusive Program Include:

  • Preparation for the Iboga Ceremony
  • 1 Iboga Ceremony
  • 24h Care & Support
  • 1 Acupuncture Treatment
  • 1 Massage Treatment
  • Optional 3-6 Months After-Care Program
  • Internet Access
  • Private Room Accommodation
  • Fresh Healthy Meals
  • Airport Pick-up/Drop off

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