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    Ibogaine Cocaine/Crack- Addiction Treatment

Ibogaine Cocaine Addiction Treatment Explained in 2 min

Quitting cocaine and crack remains a serious challenge for the increasing numbers of users. Ibogaine cocaine addiction treatment is a hope for many struggling with this difficult dependence.

ibogaine cocaine addiction treatment


Cocaine and crack became an extremely popular stimulants used by thousands of people every day. Cocaine produces the sense of confidence, strength and general well being but the feeling of high lasts for a very short time quickly demanding another dose. Regular using builds up the tolerance for the substance so it takes more and more to achieve the same results of euphoria. The cravings are very intense and the withdrawal symptoms from cocaine include: depression, trouble concentrating, increased appetite and tiredness.

Being so addictive cocaine is also very harmful and can cause serious damage on physical and emotional health. On physical level heavy use of cocaine can lead even very young people to heart attack or stroke. It also damages lungs, gastrointestinal tract, kidneys and can impair sexual functions. On psychological level heavy users can present with extreme feeling of paranoia and schizophrenic like symptoms.

Ibogaine cocaine addiction treatment

Ibogaine treatment is definitely a huge chance for those addicted to cocaine and crack. The success rate of ibogaine cocaine addiction treatment is around 60- 80% which is very promising compared to traditional methods rating below 10%.

Ibogaine relieves cravings and withdrawal symptoms by restoring the brain's natural chemistry. It repairs the damage on the nerve synapses caused by using of the cocaine and crack. In other words ibogaine enables your brain to start working normally again by resetting the neurotransmitters and fixing the damage caused by the drug using. People after ibogaine cocaine addiction treatment report complete relief from the withdrawal symptoms when the ibogaine treatment is over.

Another transformation takes place on the deeper psycho spiritual level. Ibogaine provides patient with the very specific meditative state which is also the alternate state of the consciousness. Being in that state enables the person to work on the psychological aspect of their addiction.

The long introspective journey which is part of the ibogaine treatment allows to discover and face the deeply rooted emotional reasons for addiction. This is the time to release the negative feelings and traumas from the past and heal the cause of dependence. It's a chance to forgive oneself and others and make a peace with the past.

This combined action of ibogaine treatment which at once effectively cures the physical and psychological aspect of addiction makes it so much more effective than any other approach . After this treatment one can start to move on towards the future, to live the life which is happier and free from addiction.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: If you would like to participate in ibogaine cocaine addiction treatment you have to refrain from any cocaine use (and/or any other stimulants) at least 4 days (5-7 days is better) prior to arrival to our clinic.

alternatively in order for us to advise you on which program is best for your needs please fill out anĀ application form. If in doubts please contact us and we will be more than happy to assist you.

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