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    Ibogaine for Alcoholism Treatment

Ibogaine for Alcoholism Explained in 2 min

The Alcohol Problem

Ibogaine for alcoholism is one of our most popular treatments as alcohol is the most commonly abused toxic substance in the world. The overuse has often dramatic impact on life of addicts and their families. Unfortunately because alcohol is so accepted in society it becomes one of the most difficult drug to get free from. That leads to the situation where the whole generations of people are affected by this addiction. Very often those who were traumatised and abused by drinking family member end up drinking themselves to cope with the past. This vicious circle is very hard to break since alcohol is the easiest and the most accessible way to deal with life stresses and difficult emotions.

Ibogaine for Alcoholism Treatment Review - Iboga Experience

Traditional alcohol addiction treatment

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Overcoming alcoholism is not easy even for those who are very determined. Physical and psychological dependence is very strong and the withdrawal symptoms very difficult to deal with. Traditional alcohol addiction treatment programs such as AA are not too effective either with the success rates around 7 percent. Unfortunately many people quickly come back to drinking after trying to quit with the traditional approach.

Ibogaine for alcoholism

The evidence of thousands of alcoholics treated with ibogaine combined with the results of various lab tests on that topic confirm that ibogaine is indeed a very effective alcohol addiction treatment. The success rate of this method is around 70 percent. This extremely powerful psycho spiritual medicine works on many levels so it's able to address many aspect of such a difficult and multidimensional problem like alcoholism. It's obvious that alcohol dependence like every other addiction is a way of dealing or rather escaping from some sort of pain or trauma affecting the person. People usually use alcohol to cover up or numb some difficult emotions, sorrow or negative states of mind which are so hard to live with.

How does it work? - Ibogaine treatment for alcoholism

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Alcohol addiction treatment using ibogaine addresses the physical and psychological aspect of the problem at once and in one single treatment.Ibogaine treatment for alcoholism helps to relieve the cravings of alcohol. The intense phase of ibogaine treatment allows to work deeper on the psycho emotional level to heal the root cause of addiction. Here person has a chance to recognise and realise what is the reason and origin of their drinking problem. It's a time of deep self reflection and insights which allows to clear the negative emotions and traumas and also forgive others for the past circumstances. Making peace with the past and processing the difficult emotions allows the freedom to move forward towards the new happier future. Your life after ibogaine treatment for alcoholism can be free from addiction and full of much brighter perspectives.

Note: All patients should refrain from drinking alcohol for at least 3 days before ibogaine treatment, and for at least a week afterwards. Patients who are at risk for alcohol withdrawal syndrome need to be completely detoxed from alcohol dependency under medical supervision for 5 to 7 days prior to treatment.

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