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    Ibogaine for Depression Treatment

ibogaine and depression


Ibogaine is mostly famous for its ability to cure chemical substances dependence. In our treatment centre like in many others we use ibogaine for depression as it can also offer the life changing solution to many people suffering from the mental emotional problems like depression, anxiety, panic attacks, social phobia or PTSD ( post traumatic stress disorder). Deep psycho spiritual journey which is part of the iboga experience allows people to come back to the source of their psychological issues and resolve many emotional conflicts from the past.

Ibogaine for depression - spiritual, emotional level

Ibogaine offers more objective ways of looking at those difficult past experiences and traumas which may contribute to mental instability. Looking back from the different perspective and meeting the origin of the problem allows for the closure and moving on from those emotional conflicts once and for good.

Ibogaine for depression works like a software which removes all the viruses from the hard drive and resets the computer so the new reprogramming can happen. That's how iboga helps to release difficult emotions from the past and also get rid of past traumas, learned behaviors and beliefs systems. After ibogaine treatment for depression you can move on towards much brighter future, free from everything which holds you back. Ibogaine helps a person with depression to forgive others on very deep emotional level which itself is a part of very powerful healing.

Ibogaine treatment for depression - physical level

ibogaine for depression

after ibogaine treatment for depression

On the physical level ibogaine for depression helps to restore the balance of the brain chemistry. Administered ibogaine dose floods the serotonin and dopamine receptors in the brain to regulate their uptake. Ibogaine is also shown to be neuro-protective for the dopamine receptors in the brain which plays a role in mental emotional problems and mood disorders.

At Iboga Tree - Healing Centre we use ibogaine for depression in combination with other therapies with very high success rate. Most of patients experience significant improvement & start completely new & happier life after their treatment.

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