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    Ibogaine Heroin Treatment - No Withdrawals

Ibogaine Heroin Treatment Explained in 2 min

Ibogaine Treatment = No Withdrawals and Cravings

ibogaine heroin treatment

ibogaine - heroin addiction medication

The consumption of heroin as well as the numbers of deaths caused by it increase year after year. The traditional methods of treating opiates addiction don't seem to be effective enough to cope with that problem. For that reason ibogaine heroin treatment becomes more and more popular option and offers very realistic solution for those who really want to get clean.

The Problem with Traditional Approaches

Treating heroin addiction in a traditional way remains serious challenge caused by the presence of the very intense and impossible to live with withdrawal symptoms and cravings. Quitting cold turkey is almost impossible. The heroin withdrawal symptoms include: insomnia, muscle cramps, body aches, vomiting diarrhoea, sneezing, dilated pupils, yawning , tearing eyes, anxiety, irritability, paranoia, depression. Talking therapies and 12 steps programs have very limited effectiveness treating heroin addiction. Traditional methods simply don't address the problematic and extremely difficult to overcome physical aspects of this addiction. Heroin addicts who try to quit, regularly find themselves in a vicious unbreakable circle of impossible withdrawal symptoms and cravings. Once they deal with the withdrawals the cravings come. It is almost impossible to stop that cycle without appropriate very specific treatment

Ibogaine Heroin Treatment Video Testimonial

The person in video has been addicted to heroin for 20 years. After the treatment it was the very first when he really felt he had a realistic chance to stay clean long term.

The Advantages of Using Ibogaine Heroin Treatment:

  • Elimination of the heroin withdrawal symptoms in the first hour of the treatment
  • Elimination of cravings by ibogaine action of fixing and regulating of the brain receptors
  • Physical and emotional detox in about 24h of treatment
  • Gaining of an understanding and the self knowledge
  • Healing of past traumas or other mental-emotional problems like depression or anxiety
  • Effective and time efficient treatment which addresses every aspect of an addiction
  • Chance for the new healthy and happy life for everybody who is ready to change...

Ibogaine - The Heroin Addiction Medication

ibogaine heroin addiction medication

ibogaine molecular structure

The advantage of the ibogaine heroin treatment is that it effectively addresses the withdrawal symptoms and cravings. Ibogaine regulates brain chemistry and brings its functioning back to the pre addiction state. It reduces excess of an opiate receptors and also fixes the ones damaged by using opiates. It is a one proper heroin addiction medication since it literally fixes the physical damage caused by using heroin. For that reason ibogaine becomes the cure for heroin addiction in 24 hours.

Free From Withdrawal Symptoms

After one ibogaine treatment the withdrawal symptoms are 80% - 100% gone. The withdrawal symptoms disappear in first hour of the treatment. The general success rate for the ibogaine heroin treatment is 70% (compared to the traditional rehabs - 4%). For the residual withdrawal symptoms after initial flood dose of ibogaine, we use ibogaine busters, tune-ups and micro-dosing.

Psychological Aspect of an Addiction
ibogaine heroin addiction treatment

after care program after the treatment

Another very important action of ibogaine is its ability to treat the psychological aspect of an addiction at the same time. Number of studies confirm that people struggling with the addictions are very often the ones who were traumatised or abused in their life. Substance using is usually some way of dealing with the emotional or even physical pain. Deep meditative state which is part of the ibogaine addiction treatment allows to heal past difficult emotions and traumas. Ibogaine offers some sort of release of the bad feelings and the closure for the past difficult events. It provides with the emotional healing of an addict. Improved psychological state together with the lack of an withdrawal symptoms and cravings allow for effective ibogaine heroin treatment.

Pre-Care and After-Care Program

Additionally to the ibogaine treatment we offer 6-12 month after-care program which our patients found very beneficial in order to stay not only sober but also allow them to enter back into normal functioning in the society. Ibogaine treatment together with this program is the biggest transformation in heroin addict's life.

Is Ibogaine Safe?

The important question to ask here is whether ibogaine detox is safe? Yes, it is, when the patients meets inclusion criteria and follow our simple guidelines. Read more about safety and inclusion criteria here

Where are The Retreats Organised?

Our centre is located near Alicante Spain

How Long it Takes?

The heroin addiction detox programs last from 7-14 days. Every application is carefully reviewed and we tailor specific program to individual needs. We ask individuals to taper down to 1 gram or less a day before arrival.

or fill out an application form or contact us to get more info. We will be more than happy to answer all of your questions.

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