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    Ibogaine Methadone Addiction Treatment

Ibogaine Methadone Addiction Treatment Explained in 2 min

Ibogaine treatment for methadone is becoming a very popular in ibogaine clinics around the world. In this article you will get a good understanding why "ibogaine methadone" is one of the top searches when it comes to ibogaine therapy.

The "idea" behind methadone...

Methadone is a long acting semi-synthetic opiate used as a part of the methadone programs by people coming off of heroin or other pharmaceutical opiates. Methadone is prescribed or provided by a single dose in special centres in order to ensure more stability and safety to the lives of addicts. This substitute substance is meant to be a maintenance medication and offer an alternative to the street drug. The idea is that the maintenance programs provide heroin addicts with the more of so called normality in their lives by keeping them away from the dangerous crowds and illegal activities.

Unfortunately the reality of the situation is that people on methadone still remain an addicts just more legal ones and from the slightly different substance. They still present with the side effects of the opiate using like: restlessness, irritability, tiredness, nausea, depression which of course affects their well being hugely. Additionally many people on methadone continue to use other drugs or pharmaceuticals to achieve the desired state of euphoria.

The "methadone maintenance"

ibogaine for methadone withdrawal

methadone - does ibogaine work on methadone?

The methadone programs even though they do provide some sense of stability they also keep people in the same mental frame of an addict. On the physical level the addiction is even stronger since methadone is a long acting opiate and coming of it is even more difficult than quitting the heroine itself.

Coming off methadone cold turkey means over the month of the full blown withdrawal symptoms like: vomiting, abdominal cramps, diarrhoea, runny nose, anxiety, insomnia, tearing, muscle aches, agitation, sweating yawning and goose bumps.

Many people after some time from switching to methadone, since having their life somehow back on the track would like to quit the drugs completely. Then they face the serious challenge and realise that their addiction is at this stage indeed very well maintained.

Ibogaine for methadone withdrawal - does ibogaine work for methadone?

Ibogaine offers the real solution for those who want to get clean from the methadone. It has shown to reduce or completely eliminate the withdrawal symptoms from cutting of the opiates including methadone. Ibogaine treatment for the methadone addiction is proven to reset the brain chemistry and bring it back to the state prior to addiction. That's the real advantage of ibogaine compared to any anti-addiction strategy discovered so far.

Ibogaine addresses the physiological changes caused by the drug using and is able to remove the two main obstacles for quitting like withdrawal symptoms and cravings. The success rate of the ibogaine treatment for methadone is very high.

Ibogaine methadone - Ibogaine treatment for methadone

Ibogaine for methadone withdrawal

after ibogaine methadone treatment

Ibogaine treatment for methadone takes careful planning and preparation. Since the methadone is a long acting opiate it remains in the system longer so one cannot be treated with the ibogaine directly after cutting of the methadone. Treatment like that wouldn't be effective but also could be potentially dangerous and cause the cardiac indications. That's why it's necessary to switch over to short acting opiates (such as Oxycontin) prior to your ibogaine treatment.

It takes around 4-8 weeks of time on the SAO so the level of the methadone in the system can drop sufficiently. The time needed to prepare for the ibogaine methadone treatment is individual and depends on the length of the time using methadone. This should be discussed individually with your ibogaine treatment provider so the right treatment program for you can be chosen.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Due to the fact that methadone is a long acting opiate (LAO) you CAN NOT have ibogaine treatment while taking methadone or even short afterwards. Combination of opiates and ibogaine is lethal so it is that serious. It is mandatory to conduct switchover onto short acting opiates (SAO) like morphine sulphate etc while carefully calculating LAO half life and ensuring ALL LAO is out of your system completely prior to arrival to our clinic (this process should be performed under supervision of your doctor ideally). We can not conduct switchover from LAO to SAO in our clinic as by the law we can not use opiates in any way. Apologise for that

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