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    Ibogaine Opiate Treatment

Ibogaine Opiate Treatment Explained in 2 min

preparing opiate - ibogaine for opiate addiction

heroine is almost impossible to detox from without ibogaine

Using ibogaine for opiate addiction becomes more and more popular treatment option in recent years. The message about effectiveness of ibogaine gets spread, at the same time the demand for such a therapy option increases. More people than ever are addicted to opiates, but still there is no other substance or method which can deal with this addiction more successfully than ibogaine. Opiates still remain the most difficult drugs to quit. The changes they cause in the brain don't allow for any normal functioning without them. The opiates withdrawal symptoms are extremely difficult to overcome. For that reason many people constantly fail in their attempts to quit opiates.

Ibogaine opiate treatment can be used in detox from prescription opiates (Oxycodone, Hydrocodone, Vicodin, Morphine, etc.), also as a heroin addiction treatment and for a long acting opiates like Methadone or Suboxone. In case of using long acting opiates patient needs to switch over to SAO (short acting opiates like Oxycodone, Morphine) prior to ibogaine treatment. This switch needs to be supervised by doctor or ibogaine provider.

Ibogaine Heroin Treatment Video Testimonial

The person in video has been addicted to heroin for 20 years. After the treatment it was the very first when he really felt he had a realistic chance to stay clean long term.

Ibogaine for opiate withdrawal

Withdrawal symptoms are 80%- 100% gone after ibogaine treatment.
woman addicted to opiates

addiction from opiates destroy life

What makes ibogaine exceptionally good and effective at dealing with opiates is its unique ability to cut off an opiate addiction without the withdrawal symptoms and cravings. Ibogaine medicine has this amazing and unbelievable action of regulating and resetting the brain chemistry back to its pre-addicted state. As a result of that the opiate withdrawal symptoms are 80%- 100% gone after ibogaine treatment. This situation creates the real chance for the serious life transformation for everybody who truly wants it. The state of no withdrawals and cravings is a proper opportunity for everybody who is determined to change. Finally change becomes possible.

Ibogaine treatment for opiate addiction offers help like no other method can. It addresses not only physical but also psychological aspect of an addiction. Very deep meditative state which is part of ibogaine addiction treatment allows to address the emotional factors that contribute to addiction. Modern studies show that using substances is often a substitute for something missing in one's life. It is usually a way of dealing with some sort of pain either emotional or physical. Very often it comes back to a healthy relationships with the family, other people and oneself. Trauma is a common emotional root cause for many addictions.

Ibogaine treatment for opiate addiction can effectively provide with the mental - emotional healing for an addict. People report that after ibogaine they feel much more at peace with themselves and others, that ibogaine session allowed them to see things from different perspective and heal the old wounds. Finally you really feel healthy, positive and full of energy after that treatment. No need to take drugs anymore. What you will need though is to make some effort and restructure your life around to allow for the new healthier lifestyle to begin.

woman after ibogaine treatment for opiate addiction

after ibogaine opiate treatment

After-Care Program

Even though Ibogaine for opiate treatment is the most effective treatment option known nowadays it's not a magic bullet. Some people will need further more work and support on emotional level to maintain the sobriety long term. Our centre provides with the 6-12 months aftercare program to offer an additional help and support for everybody who needs it. It's all very individual. Some people need bit more work than the others. Others are totally fixed at once. We are all very different. The general success rate for ibogaine opiate treatment is around 70%. This is about ten times more in effectivity compared to traditional rehabs.

Unfortunately nothing comes for free in life and of course ibogaine treatment for opiate addiction also requires some level of commitment and work on your side. The only fact is for sure, there is no other therapy for opiate addicts which creates such a real opportunity for change like ibogaine for opiate addiction. You can choose healthier and happier life if you only want it.

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