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    Ibogaine Oxycontin / Oxycodone Detox - Addiction Treatment

Ibogaine Oxycodone Addiction Treatment Explained in 2 min

Oxycodone is a semi-synthetic short acting opiate. It was originally developed in 1916 but in 1996 Purdue Pharma came up with the new time-release version of this med called oxycontin.

oxycodone addiction treatment


Oxycontin is prescribed as an extremely strong and effective painkiller and being an opiate it may be much easier to access than heroin. This causes the significant overuse of this drug in areas with the lower heroin supply. Oxycontin is the most heavily abused opioid drug in America. In fact it has become the most abused prescription drug in history.

Ibogaine is extremely effective as an oxycontin/oxycodone addiction treatment. Most of other Purdue Pharma's narcotic analgesics like: hydromorphone, fentanyls, codeine, ms contin, hydrocodone are also very compatible with ibogaine since they are pure agonist with no extended half life. Oxycontin and morphine are used as a preferred substitutes for buprenorphine and methadone users to switch over and prepare for their ibogaine treatment.

Being a SAO (short acting opiates) oxys are a perfect target for ibogaine treatment and the success rate with the ibogaine oxycodone/oxycontin addiction treatment is very high. Detox with the ibogaine is free from the difficult opiate withdrawal symptoms and the cravings are significantly eliminated. Many patients also report the limited desire for using any other stimulants like alcohol or cigarettes after ibogaine oxycodone addiction treatment.

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