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    Best Ibogaine Treatment Centre in Europe

Ibogaine Treatment Europe – Why Us?

At Iboga Tree Healing House – Ibogaine Treatment Europe we focus on all three equally important aspects of healing which are: body, mind and spirit. We ourselves went through hell in life and after many years of working with various methods we can finally say that now we live happy, joyful and fulfilled life. The years of personal experience combined with the constant process of education in the field of emotional healing and personal development put us in the place that we simply know what works and what doesn’t. We also have a compassion and understanding for even most difficult and complicated life cases. As a couple and founders of Iboga Tree – Healing House we create powerful and responsible duet. Safe, supportive & non-judging environment is extremely important for either: successful recovery from alcohol/drug addiction or for the spiritual journey & healing on psycho-spiritual program. We always try to more listen than talk as every person needs very individual approach and specific treatment. Combination of different therapies along with iboga treatment as well as pre-care & after-care program gives much better results than just iboga/ibogaine dose on it’s own. We didn’t choose iboga. The iboga has chosen us…
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