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    What is Ibogaine Treatment / Ibogaine Therapy

What Is Ibogaine Treatment 2 min Video

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ibogaine therapy

breaking addiction with iboga treatment

First of all, ibogaine treatment / ibogaine therapy is for those who are truly ready and determined for the change in their lives. It is proven to work only for people who have chosen to have their iboga treatment themselves. You can not be forced by family, loved one or anyone else. It has to be a will and readiness to change, so after the treatment you will be also motivated to stay on the right track.

You need to know that ibogaine is not a magic pill which is gonna do all the work for you, without you taking any responsibility for the process. Ibogaine will reset your brain chemistry in the way that you will have a choice whether to go back or not to go back to addiction. The decision to make is still yours. The difference is that after ibogaine treatment you finally have a power and strength to say NO. Making that choice will be possible and even easy for you but it's your choice. The chances are that after ibogaine session the substance that you abusing will not be any attractive for you anymore, that there will be no issue like if  the problem never existed, but life is life and sometimes you may need to make that decision yourself.  

What is ibogaine treatment / ibogaine therapy?

In one sentence: Ibogaine treatment is an ingestion of a flood (full dose) of either: iboga total alkaloid, ibogaine hydrochloride or a mixture of both in a form of capsules in order to interrupt addiction pattern without withdrawal symptoms (if addiction is the reason for your ibogaine therapy). The other reasons for ibogaine treatment may be addressing a mental - emotional disorder( depression, PTSD) or spiritual exploration.

Preparation for the ibogaine treatment:

Let’s imagine you have a iboga treatment now at Iboga Tree - Healing House… Your body is cleansed since you have been eating healthy and light meals for the last two weeks and for at least one week you haven't been drinking any alcohol. You have arrived at our premises and made yourself familiar and comfortable with the place in the beautiful natural surroundings. We have conversation with you about your intentions for the treatment and you have clarified them for yourself ,so you know exactly what you'd like to work on during the ibogaine session. You are very well prepared both mentally and physically for your treatment. We advice you on how to deal with the emotions and physical sensations while on the ibogaine trip. We monitor you constantly throughout your treatment so you can get any guidance or support if needed.

Stages of iboga treatment

We usually start your ibogainetreatment in the morning. For addicts it is the time when they start to experience some withdrawal symptoms. After 30min to 2h since ibogaine administration you start to feel a bit different and you notice that the usual withdrawal symptoms are gone. You may feel bit anxious or euphoric and you are experiencing ataxia (difficulty in standing upright or moving). From now on you lay down comfortably in darkened room because light bothers you. You know that movements may cause nausea and vomiting therefore you remain still. The room is very quiet as sounds are usually experienced in amplified and oscillating way. You hear special frequency and gentle Bwiti music which helps you get into a dream-like meditative state.

ibogaine therapy

freedom with iboga treatment

You have your eyes closed and you may or may not experience visions. You know that at any time you can open your eyes and communicate your needs as there is somebody with you to help you and guide you whenever you need. This acute, most intense stage lasts usually up to 8 hours.

In the second stage which lasts approx. 3-4 hours, several things can happen. Some people still experience visions, although they are less intense and you move more towards meditative, introspective states. There is a time to evaluate the visionary experiences, which can bring about profound insights about the life or the reasons behind addictive behaviour. You may feel a bit exhausted and you may start to drink some water. Most people feel calm at this stage of the treatment. We play softening music which eventually leads you to well deserved sleep which is a third stage of the ibogaine therapy.

After sleep most patients feel awake, rested and hungry 🙂 It's time to take relaxing bath and have some more food. You will stay in our facilities for the next couple of days to evaluate entire experience and recover physically. When you feel like you can talk to us about your plans for your new life and how to make practical changes to ensure the long lasting treatment results. You also have your free massage or acupuncture treatment if you like. You are on our after-care program phase from now on for the next 6-12 months. Depending on your will we may stay in contact and help you to deal with any issues following the ibogaine treatment.

For more info on how your treatment will look like please contact us or fill out an application form.

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