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    What is Ibogaine & Iboga

What is ibogaine?

what is ibogaine

Molecular structure of ibogaine - naturally present psychoactive substance

The most active ingredient extracted from the original iboga tree root bark is called ibogaine. Ibogaine has a very unique properties. One of them is being able to cut of the addiction mechanism and allow the chemicals dependent people for the much easier detoxification process. Ibogaine is the only one known substance in the world which allows to cut off even very heavy addictive substances like opiates in the way which is completely free from the withdrawal symptoms. This amazing action of withdrawal symptoms interrupt happens rapidly within the first hour of the treatment. Ibogaine treatment is effective in detoxification from the substances like: opiates (heroin, methadone, suboxone, oxycodone), cocaine, marijuana, amphetamine, nicotine.

What is ibogaine's other important healing factor?

iboga extract

capsules with iboga extract

The other factor which makes ibogaine such an effective treatment for addictions is its ability to heal the actual emotional and psychological root and reason for an addiction to start. If you think of your brain as a computer's hard drive, ibogaine behaves like a software that reprograms the hard drive and gets rid of all the viruses. It works through the old informations like past traumas, learned destructive behaviours and belief systems. It heals the underlying emotional cause of your addiction, which together with the lack of the withdrawal symptoms and no cravings works miracles. Ibogaine has also persistent antidepressant effect which further contributes to the healthy and successful recovery plan.

Ibogaine has also other properties. It works as a strong body detoxifier. It's known for its powerful antifungal, antiparasitic and antiviral actions which promotes general well being and increases the energy level after the treatment.

What is ibogaine also known for?

iboga tree


Ibogaine is also used as a psycho spiritual medicine and visionary tool. It induces deep meditative state that can include visions and dream like states but most of all it provides with the deep and very personal insights. The experience is not abstract at all, it takes you straight to the truth and reconnects you with your soul providing with the intuitive knowing and answers. Therefore it is used for iboga retreat - psycho-spiritual journey and healing.

Iboga takes us back to ourselves and to our own world offering guidance and healing on the very deep spiritual level. Many people report noticeable and long lasting shift in their consciousness since they gained different perspective and the new ways of understanding themselves and the world. These deep spiritual healing actions of iboga together with its mind resetting and reprogramming abilities described above are useful in treatment of mental emotional problems like depression, anxiety or PTSD.

What is iboga?

what is iboga

Tabernanthe Iboga Tree

Iboga is a tree which grows in West Central African rainforest where in countries like Gabon, Cameroon and Congo it's been used for centuries for its medicinal and ceremonial purposes. It's been part of the spiritual tradition called Bwiti used for guidance, healing, as a way of passage and way to understand life. Its medicinal qualities and therapeutic psychoactive effects were traditionally used for healing and initiation but also to maintain the peace and harmony within the village. As a spiritual tool iboga was used to achieve enlightenment.

Since pure iboga rootbark which was originally and traditionally used by Bwiti is very harsh on the body at Iboga Tree Healing House we use both: Ibogaine / Iboga TA extract and ibogaine HCL extract depending on the patient's individual needs and the purpose of the treatment.  Nowadays those forms of iboga are the most commonly used in the clinics.

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