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    Rehab vs Iboga Treatment

    14th January 2017

14th January 2017

Rehab vs Iboga Treatment

Rehab vs Iboga Treatment

drug addiction

drug addiction is a serious problem in society

Addiction is increasingly common in the world we live in. There may be some confusion for those seeking help whether to undergo the traditional rehab or choose an alternative treatment option such as ibogaine. This article explains why ibogaine offers a better chance for anyone who wants to start a new life.

Why rehabs don't work?


  • One of the fundamental assumptions of 12 step programmes is the belief that addiction is an incurable disease and lifetime issue. People attending in the meetings have to introduce themselves as an addict as if it is the main characteristic of their personality which they will never escape from.


talking therapies in rehab centre

rehabs don't address withdrawals and cravings



  • Rehab is a time of reinforced sobriety that uses talking therapies to fix a biological and medical problem – an imbalance in brain function. Contemporary neuroscience shows that the brain of an addict has damaged receptors. An effective addiction therapy must address this neurological issue.



  • Talking therapies don’t address cravings and withdrawal; they only convince people that craving is something they will have to deal with for the rest of their life, since addiction is ultimately an incurable disease that must be managed.


girl taking drugs

rehab has very low success rate



  • Some people don’t like the idea of using a drug like ibogaine to treat the “disease” of addiction. However, doctors prescribe drugs to cure other diseases, so there appears to be a logical inconsistency. Ibogaine is the only single-dose medicine which rebalances brain chemistry and removes withdrawals and craving at once.



Why iboga treatment works?


  • iboga plant contains ibogaine used for iboga treatment

    ibogaine is derived from tabernanthe iboga

    Ibogaine retreat offers a real chance for anyone who seriously wants liberation from their addiction. It effectively addresses the most difficult aspects of quitting drugs or alcohol, which are withdrawal symptoms and craving.




  • Ibogaine treatment resets key brain receptors which have become imparied through substance abuse. Ibogaine also resets the central nervous system back to its pre-addiction state, allowing for successful recovery.




  • The deep meditative state which is part of ibogaine treatment allows the patient to address the psychological and emotional aspects of their suffering. Every addiction is a response to emotional or even physical pain. Ibogaine allows you to access and address the psychological root cause of drug dependence.
iboga treatment

iboga treatment fix brain on biological level



  • The meditative state that ibogaine induces allows you to see past events from a different perspective and offers a sense of closure and release. On a psycho – emotional level, ibogaine treatment offers an understanding and healing of buried old wounds. Patients are finally able to forgive themselves and others and move on towards a new, healthier and happier life



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  • Michael Langshaw, 9th February 2017 Reply

    First let me say that I have used Ibogaine on three different occasion and I believe that it is nothing short of a miracle and that it works. It's not a magic bullet but it works very well. However, so does 12 steps. The twelve steps you refer to is not the twelve steps taken from the directions out of the Big Book of Alcoholics Annoymous. Your referring to the watered down version of AA that is commonly practiced today. The real 12 steps is a spiritual solution and not "talk therapy" as you described. Talk therapy WILL NOT cure addiction but having a spiritual awakening will. WORKING the 12 steps will do this. TALKING about the 12 steps will not. Ibogaine evokes a spiritual awakening and so can the original program of action...the 12 steps of AA.

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