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    Ibogaine Treatment Success Rate

    19th April 2017

19th April 2017

Ibogaine Treatment Success Rate

Ibogaine Success Rate

ibogaine success rate


Ibogaine treatment success rate depends on a number of factors such as: determination of the patient and being ready for the change, responsible approach to the treatment, ability to follow ibogaine treatment guidelines, severity of the problem, continuation of work with other forms of the therapies if needed and other environmental factors. Ibogaine is an amazing medicine which allows withdrawal free detox and craving free life. Although ibogaine success rate is on average 70% we can not 100% guarantee that participant will be cured permanently after just one treatment program. Human beings and life itself are more complicated than that. Results vary from person to person, every case is individual and there are many elements and factors contributing to an addiction. Saying that our ibogaine treatment success rate is very high and most of the people experience a life changing transformation. Along with iboga treatment we offer pre-care and 6-12 months after-care program which support the effectiveness of the therapy.

6 Factors of ibogaine treatment success rate:

Determination of the Patient

ibogaine success rate


Ibogaine is an addiction interrupter, not a magic pill. If you are not determined to change your life and heal yourself from addiction there is a high chance that after ibogaine treatment you will come back to addiction sooner or later. Usually people who are completely fed up with their addiction and those who already reached the bottom get the best results out of ibogaine therapy.

Being Ready For a Change

ibogaine treatment success rate


This point is very much linked to the previous one. Usually someone who is ready for a change is also very determined and likewise. Ibogaine is a medicine and of course the set & setting and proper ibogaine treatment plan is mandatory, however long term ibogaine success rate depends mostly on you. If you are sent to do iboga by your family and you don't do it because you truly want it for yourself you better wait until you are definitely ready, otherwise you would probably waste your own time and money.

Approach To The Treatment

ibogaine treatment success rate

Ibogaine HCL

Again if you expect that ibogaine will do all the job for you then your treatment success may be only temporary. Ibogaine restores brain chemistry back to the prior addiction state BUT there is also an emotional reason and aspect of your addiction (usually some sort of emotional pain or trauma makes people prone to the substance abuse). While ibogaine creates dream like state which allows to heal the old wounds, some people need additional work to address all of the emotional root causes of their addiction. Sometimes there is simply too many problems and too much work to have it all done in one ibogaine treatment. Still ibogaine gives an amazing opportunity to stop an addiction and continue with the further work for the long term results.

Ability To Follow Our Guidelines

iboga treatment


In our centre we developed very precise protocols which we apply before, on and after the treatment. While they are not complicated or difficult to follow, doing exactly what we advise is crucial for safety and long term success of your treatment

Severity Of The Problem

There is a difference between someone who smokes cannabis from time to time and 20 year heroin addict who had a violent childhood. In second case while ibogaine treatment deals with withdrawals and cravings, more often than not additional ibogaine treatments or busters as well as additional therapies are necessary for the lifetime success.

Work Continuation

Like in previous point. Someone who has been severely addicted for a very long time needs to continue healing with therapies which tackle emotional aspect of an addiction. Often ibogaine busters and microdosing can be a great help until those issues are fully resolved.

After Care Plan

ibogaine success rate


This point is everything what has been said earlier in this article. The idea here is that you will write your aftercare plan on paper. It's good to describe in details how, what and when will you do after ibogaine treatment in order to support your life transformation. Then you will follow your plan and adjust when necessary. The plan will include physical changes you will make in your environment like: letting go of your addicted friends, planning on therapies you will attend, changing your lifestyle for the healthier one (diet, physical activity) . At our centre we offer after care plan and support which both increase the ibogaine treatment success rate significantly for those who decide to follow it.

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