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    Choosing an Iboga Treatment Center: 4 Key Things to Consider

    24th July 2019

24th July 2019

Choosing an Iboga Treatment Center: 4 Key Things to Consider

You’ve probably heard about the immense potential iboga has shown for treating addiction. In case you haven’t, you can read about iboga’s uncanny ability to reduce withdrawal symptoms, minimize cravings, and reset brain function to pre-addiction levels here.

Iboga treatment is not something you should enter on a whim. In order to ensure that the treatment is right for you, that the iboga treatment center you have chosen is capable of meeting your needs, and, most importantly, that your health and safety are the paramount concerns of the people guiding you through this potentially risky treatment, you need to take the utmost care in choosing an Iboga treatment provider. Here’s our guide to choosing the right Iboga treatment facility.

1) Safety!

Choosing an ibogaine treatment center: 4 key things to consider

Iboga has shown immense potential, but using it comes with serious health risks. Although methadone has been proven to lead to fatalities more frequently than iboga, iboga use has indeed been fatal in some rare cases. Iboga can exacerbate pre-existing heart conditions, blood clots, kidney and liver problems, and psychological issues. However, the vast majority of iboga fatalities have resulted from self-administration and irresponsible or inexperienced treatment providers.

If you’re seriously considering iboga treatment, we would urge you to take a long look at the safety precautions employed by treatment providers. At Iboga Tree Healing House, we keep an ACLS certified medical doctor in-house, rather than a phone call or ambulance ride away. We have a one-to-one nurse to patient ratio, and we insist on a full medical history and full set of lab tests prior to treatment. We also monitor our clients with an EKG machine while they are under the influence of iboga. It is our firm belief that every iboga-related death has been preventable, and that with proper precautions, an experienced staff, and a focus on client safety, treatment facilities can eliminate all of the fatalities from iboga treatment.

2) What are your individual needs?

Choosing an iboga treatment program: 4 things to consider

Every person seeking treatment is different, and every treatment center is different. Although this may seem trite, it’s a key consideration in choosing the right facility for you. Iboga is a powerful tool for overcoming addiction, but it isn’t a magic bullet or a cure-all. You will almost certainly need aftercare to overcome the issues and traumas that led you to addiction in the first place and those in your life that your affliction has caused. You’ll need to rebuild yourself and replace the toxic habits and patterns of thought and behavior addiction has entrenched with positive and healthy ones.

We offer a wide range of holistic treatments ranging from kundalini yoga and holotropic breathwork to equine therapy, and we are convinced of their effectiveness. We also recognize that they aren’t for everyone. You need to look for a facility that offers the tools you need to build a positive and healthy life. That could be a 12-Step Program, intensive psychotherapy, prolonged inpatient treatment, or something else entirely. Carefully consider your own needs, and what has and hasn’t worked in the past, before selecting a treatment center.

3) Value For Money

choosing an iboga treatment program: 4 things to consider

Price is obviously a concern for many seeking treatment. But your primary goal here should be to find the right treatment center for you. Addiction is expensive, and pinching pennies to stay at a facility that doesn’t meet your needs will cost more in the long run. We’d recommend deciding on the resources, length of stay, and aftercare you need first, then choosing a facility that meets your needs at a reasonable price. The cheapest options are probably cheap for a reason, and when you’re putting your health and safety into someone else’s hands, it’s wise to make sure that they aren’t cutting corners.

Another great idea if you’re looking for a cost-effective treatment center is to look at the options available abroad. With high-end treatment centers in the US and UK charging upwards of $60,000 USD a month, value-conscious consumers are gravitating towards overseas clinics. Seeking treatment abroad can allow those in recovery to get more bang for their buck in terms of accommodation, ancillary treatments, and care. It can also offer a greater degree of privacy and relaxation. You’ll be in a positive, sunny environment far away from colleagues and family members who you’d prefer to keep your struggles from. Overseas options have the added benefit of providing distance from toxic influences and environments associated with stress and substance misuse.

4) Applicable Laws

how to choose an ibogaine treatment center that works

Iboga is currently illegal in the US and UK, as well as a host of other jurisdictions in the “First World.” The Global Ibogaine Therapy Alliance has a handy map which illustrates where Iboga use is legal. If you’re looking to get clean, you probably don’t want to risk possible arrest and prosecution while you are at your most vulnerable. You will also want to choose a facility that won’t hesitate to get you the medical treatment you need if something goes wrong. Portugal is an excellent choice for pursuing iboga treatment because, while the treatment has yet to be officially approved for addiction, it is not illegal or subject to regulation.

Make It Happen!

Choosing an iboga treatment program: 4 key things to consider

You know what to do, it’s time to get it done! Reflect carefully and honestly on your needs, and look for facilities that are capable of meeting them. Make sure that every precaution will be taken to protect your health and keep you safe. Decide whether you’d like to be close to the support of family and friends, or if you’d be more comfortable making a fresh start in a new environment. When you’ve arrived at these decisions, it’s time to embark on a new life free from the struggles of addiction!  


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