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4th June 2018

Exercise's role in combatting addiction

Exercise's role in combatting addiction

that exercise can have a profound effect in combatting addiction. Researchers divided two groups of rats, with one group given treadmill exercises and the other group confined to their cages. After the trial was completed, the rats brains were examined and it was found that the exercise rats had less dopamine than the caged rats.

Group of people running together for fitness in the park

New research at the University at Buffalo Research Institute on Addictions shows Scientists are now going to study the underlying neurological mechanism that links exercise to more efficient dopamine neurotransmitter usage in the brain. This research confirms what we at Iboga Tree Healing House have always known instinctively and put into practice: that regular exercise makes people feel better about themselves.
19th April 2017

Ibogaine Treatment Success Rate

Ibogaine Success Rate

ibogaine success rate


Ibogaine treatment success rate depends on a number of factors such as: determination of the patient and being ready for the change, responsible approach to the treatment, ability to follow ibogaine treatment guidelines, severity of the problem, continuation of work with other forms of the therapies if needed and other environmental factors. Ibogaine is an amazing medicine which allows withdrawal free detox and craving free life. Although ibogaine success rate is on average 70% we can not 100% guarantee that participant will be cured permanently after just one treatment program. Human beings and life itself are more complicated than that. Results vary from person to person, every case is individual and there are many elements and factors contributing to an addiction. Saying that our ibogaine treatment success rate is very high and most of the people experience a life changing transformation. Along with iboga treatment we offer pre-care and 6-12 months after-care program which support the effectiveness of the therapy. Read More
14th January 2017

Rehab vs Iboga Treatment

Rehab vs Iboga Treatment

drug addiction

drug addiction is a serious problem in society

Addiction is increasingly common in the world we live in. There may be some confusion for those seeking help whether to undergo the traditional rehab or choose an alternative treatment option such as ibogaine. This article explains why ibogaine offers a better chance for anyone who wants to start a new life. Read More
4th January 2017

How Much Does Ibogaine Treatment Cost?

how much does ibogaine treatment cost

iboga tree

Ibogaine Treatment Cost

The issue of how much ibogaine treatment costs can be confusing, creating a dilemma for many interested people. Our prices are competitive comparing to other centres. Our 7-Day Psycho-Spiritual All Inclusive Program is €5000+VAT. The Addiction Detox Programme also starts at €5000+VAT. The exact amount you will pay for your treatment varies, as the costs depend on many factors. When you get in touch, we will run through the key facts which can add to the costs so you can evaluate and judge for yourself. Read More
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