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14th January 2017

Rehab vs Iboga Treatment

Rehab vs Iboga Treatment

drug addiction

drug addiction is a serious problem in society

Addiction is increasingly common in the world we live in. There may be some confusion for those seeking help whether to undergo the traditional rehab or choose an alternative treatment option such as ibogaine. This article explains why ibogaine offers a better chance for anyone who wants to start a new life. Read More
4th January 2017

How Much Does Ibogaine Treatment Cost?

how much does ibogaine treatment cost

iboga tree

Ibogaine Treatment Cost

The issue of how much ibogaine treatment costs can be confusing, creating a dilemma for many interested people. Our prices are competitive comparing to other centres. Our 7-Day Psycho-Spiritual All Inclusive Program is €5000+VAT. The Addiction Detox Programme also starts at €5000+VAT. The exact amount you will pay for your treatment varies, as the costs depend on many factors. When you get in touch, we will run through the key facts which can add to the costs so you can evaluate and judge for yourself. Read More
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