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What is ibogaine treatment success rate?

Ibogaine treatment success rates depend on several factors:

  • Determination/motivation of the patient
  • Professional treatment protocols
  • Patient’s willingness to follow the guidelines
  • Severity of the problem
  • Combination with other therapies, if required
  • Other environmental factors

Ibogaine can be a near-miraculous medicine which facilitates withdrawal-free detox and a craving free life. Depending on the study, ibogaine’s success rate lie somewhere between 30-70%.

How much does it cost?

Our prices are competitive comparing to other centres. Our 7-Day psycho-spiritual all inclusive programme and our addiction detox programmes is €5000+VAT for single occupancy.

What are the side effects?

Short term side effects are most intense in the first stage of the treatment and tend to become milder as the trip progresses. Symptoms may include: anxiety, ataxia, nausea (espeically from movement) and cardiovascular effects (like palpitations). You may experience some of those symptoms or none of them. After the trip there can be so called “grey day” when some people feel tired but sleepless, some are anxious or angry as suppressed emotions continue to rise to the surface.

How does ibogaine work?

Ibogaine has a complex mechanism of action (pharmacokinetics) in the brain that is not yet fully understood. What is known is that once consumed, ibogaine quickly stimulates the production of “glial cell line-derived neurotrophic factor” (GDNF) – part of the brain’s support system, which resets the reward circuitry situated in the ventral tegmental area (VTA) of the brain. Put simply, addiction is a brain impairment characterised by a profound disruption in particular neurotransmitter circuits in the brain caused by the abused substance. Ibogaine resets these neurological pathways and refreshes the central nervous system.

Is ibogaine safe?

Yes, when used appropriately with the experienced & responsible providers and when all exclusion criteria are met. Ibogaine can be dangerous if used alone, without medical pre-screening and without proper set, setting and preparation. At Iboga Tree Healing House we have a 100% safety record.

How many people do you treat during a session?

We only treat up to 5 guests at the time, each of them in separate individual treatment rooms with their own tailored programme. We always monitor and guide you throughout the treatment, to make sure you get all the care and attention you need. We do it in a gentle way so you are not disturbed in your process.

What if I am afraid of having a bad trip?

Feeling a little of anxiety is absolutely normal since ibogaine treatment may be a completely new experience for you and you know the experience is going to be a powerful one. We will help you to prepare for the treatment from the physical, mental and emotional perspective, so you know what is the right approach to your experience. We will also explain you how to deal with the emotions during and after the treatment so they don’t become overwhelming. We always monitor you throughout the treatment so you can get all the support and help if needed.

Do you have trained medical staff??

Our clinic is in a natural setting but we do consult every application with a medical doctor in advance. We always follow ibogaine treatment safety protocols before, during and after the treatment.

How should I prepare myself for treatment?

There are various preparations required and they need to be taken seriously. Medical tests are a must and we will NOT provide a treatment without assessing the results. This includes an ECG measurement of your heart and a blood test (a complete blood count for general health and to identify any possible liver abnormalities).

Physically you need to prepare your body with a light diet for two weeks prior to your treatment. The right mental attitude is very important too; you need to set your intensions for the treatment. We will help you and advise you on how to prepare yourself. There might be some more specific additional preparations particularly for the addiction treatment. We will make sure you’ll be well prepared and aware of things otherwise we will NOT perform the treatment until you are ready for it.

What I should bring with me?

You should bring your medical results. Also bring light, comfortable clothing. You should NOT under any circumstances bring any any opiates or drugs unless in special cases prescribed by your medical doctor.

How do I get there?

We are based in Sintra near Lisbon in the sunniest part of Europe – Portugal. Its easy to reach us as their are plenty of low cost flights to Lisbon each day. We will pick you up from airport or anywhere within 50km radius from Sintra and drop you back free of charge.

In which languages do you operate?

We speak fluently English and Portugues, Italian, French and Spanish

Still have questions? Send us a quick message

We always reply within 24h but usually in few hours

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