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Ibogaine has a complex mechanism of action in the brain that is not yet fully understood. What is known is that once consumed, ibogaine quickly stimulates the production of “glial cell line-derived neurotrophic factor” (GDNF) – part of the brain’s support system, which resets the reward circuitry situated in the ventral tegmental area (VTA) of the brain.

From a neurological perspective, addiction is caused by imbalances in the production of dopamine and serotonin neurotransmitters – the “feelgood” chemicals in the brain which produce feelings of pleasure and wellbeing. Ibogaine resets both dopamine and serotonin receptors back to the pre-addicted state. Experientially, patients often report that withdrawal symptoms disappear within 30 minutes of taking ibogaine. Its common for people to feel that ibogaine is a miracle – after rounds of traditional rehab, never did they feel they would ever be free from the chains of addiction – and yet they finally do!

Because ibogaine’s metabolite noribogaine is stored in fat tissues, a single administration of ibogaine is capable of alleviating drug cravings for several months. This gives the patient a window of opportunity to change their “people and places” – to turn the practical aspects of their life around. Only in this way is it possible for an ibogaine treatment to lead to long-term liberation from drug addiction.


"A single administration of ibogaine is capable of alleviating drug cravings for months or years and detox is free from the withdrawal symptoms"

Limitations of Traditional Rehab

Dealing with the addiction in the traditional way is usually extremely challenging for those affected by it and of course for their loved ones. It's a serious social problem of the modern world we live in. Addictions turn lives of many into slavery and nightmares, ruin families and leads to needless deaths.

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rehabs don't address withdrawals and cravings

Unfortunately traditional ways of treatment options don't offer too much of a hope. The success rate of the rehab clinics all over the world is very low. Millions of alcoholics and drug addicts every year fail to quit their destructive habits. Desperate people repeatedly try to finally get clean with the traditional detox programmes which promise a lot but in reality can't effectively address the issue.

For both alcoholics and the drug users the biggest challenge of quitting is dealing with almost impossible withdrawal symptoms and cravings. It seems to be never ending, extremely hard to break cycle of addiction, withdrawal and craving. Talking therapies offered by the rehab clinics are not particularly effective at dealing with the unbearable physical and emotional withdrawal symptoms and cravings.

The New & Effective Approach

what is ibogaine

Molecular structure of ibogaine - naturally present psychoactive substance

Ibogaine is an almost miraculous, natural substance which is effective at interrupting addiction. The deep introspective journey which is part of the ibogaine treatment yields personal insights about the emotional root causes behind your addiction.

It's obvious that people start to abuse the substances as a substitute for something missing in their life. Usually there is some deeply rooted emotional reason for addiction. Ibogaine addiction treatment / ibogaine detox provides patient with the deep meditative state which allows to discover the source of addiction and begin to heal it.


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