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    Ibogaine for Depression - Effective Treatment

ibogaine and depression


Ibogaine is known for its ability to address substance dependence. However, ibogaine can also be very effective against various mental and emotional issues such as depression, anxiety, panic attacks, obsessive compulsion disorder (OCD), social phobia and post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). The deep psycho spiritual journey that often takes place during the ibogaine experience allows people to return to the source of their trauma and resolve deep emotional conflicts buried in the past.

Ibogaine can offer a more objective or dissociative way of viewing these difficult past experiences which may have contributed to mental illness. Looking at your life from a fresh perspective and seeing the origin of the problem anew can allow for a process of deep healing to begin.

Ibogaine for depression - how it works?

As the ibogaine begins to work on your psyche, submerged emotions from your deep past can be dislodged, rise to the surface and float away. Whether its a trauma from your childhood, learned behaviours that have led to negative outcomes, or an internal value conflict, ibogaine has an almost miraculous ability to clear away unwanted or unhelpful thoughts that have stuck to your sense of self.

ibogaine for depression

after ibogaine treatment for depression

After ibogaine treatment for depression, you can move on towards much brighter future, free from everything which holds you back. Ibogaine helps a person with depression to forgive others (and themselves) on a deep emotional level, which is a vital part of the healing process.

In terms of actual treatment, ibogaine for depression follows the same screening pre-treatment process as for substance dependence. Our patients are monitored just as closely as patients going through treatment for other reasons.

At Iboga Tree Healing House, we use ibogaine for depression in combination with other alternative therapy treatments. Most of our patients experience significant improvement and leave us ready to start a completely new and happier life.

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