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    Ibogaine Suboxone - Subutex Detox

Ibogaine for Suboxone addiction

Ibogaine suboxone treatment is an effective option for those dependent on the new generation drug Suboxone or Subutex. Both of them are the brands of the narcotic analgesic medication which is used as a permanent replacement therapy for short acting opiates.

Suboxone is another name for the second generation opioid Buprenorphine. Originally buprenorphine was available as an injection for the severe pain management. Since 2002 in USA Suboxone and Subutex can be prescribed by a doctor and bought in a normal pharmacy as a substitute therapy for patients suffering from opiate dependence. The availability of this medication is the treatment's advantage and progress from the moral and legal point of view.

From a medical perspective, Buprenorphine has a long half life (around 37 hours). It can remain in the system for more than two months for those who were taking it continuously.

Quitting suboxone cold turkey way is extremely difficult. Subutex detox entails months of suffering from withdrawal symptoms such as agitation, insomnia, muscle pains, anxiety, goose bumps, diarrhoea, abdominal cramps, nausea and vomiting. At the same time continuous using of it keeps the person in an addiction trap. Prolonged use of suboxone has a potential to damage the kidneys, liver and brain.

Ibogaine Suboxone - Subutex Detox

Ibogaine treatment still remains the most effective and the best way to detox from the suboxone. The procedure however is more complex than treating other addictions. Patients can't be treated with ibogaine directly after quitting suboxone. An ibogaine flood when the suboxone is still in the system wouldn't be effective at eliminating the opiate withdrawal symptoms. Additionally the combination of the two substances is potentially lethal, thanks to negative cardiac indications.

Those who want to use the ibogaine treatment to come of suboxone need to go through a couple of weeks of transition time before the ibogaine treatment can be safely administered. The general protocol for this treatment is to temporarily switch over to short acting opiates like morphine. After the suboxone is eliminated from the system ibogaine can start to work its wonders at resetting the neurotransmitters and bringing the brain's chemistry back to balance.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Due to the fact that buprenorphine is a long acting opiate (LAO) you CAN NOT have ibogaine treatment while taking subutex or even short afterwards. Combination of opiates and ibogaine is lethal so it is that serious. It is mandatory to conduct switchover onto short acting opiates (SAO) like morphine sulphate etc while carefully calculating LAO half life and ensuring ALL LAO is out of your system completely prior to arrival to our clinic (this process should be performed under supervision of your doctor ideally). We can not conduct switchover from LAO to SAO in our clinic as by the law we can not use opiates in any way.


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