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    Ibogaine Testimonials - Iboga Trip Report

Video Ibogaine Testimonials/Reviews

Its important that you take your time to choose an ibogaine treatment provider that feels right for you. We encourage you to talk to people you know who have gone through ibogaine treatment and do as much online research about ibogaine as you can. Here, you can read through some testimonials of people who have gone through treatment at Iboga Tree.

Iboga Trip Report - Iboga Experience

Hugo has been taking heroin for the last 20 years. After single ibogaine treatment he felt it was the first time in his life when he has a realistic chance to really change life for the better and stay sober

Iboga Trip Report - Iboga Experience

Volkan has been taking prescription drugs and has been suffering from lack of concentration, disturbed sleep. After single iboga retreat it is all gone

Ibogaine Addiction Treatment - Ibogaine Experience

The person in video has been taking drugs like: Amphetamine, GHB, Ecstasy and all sort of "busters". Now, it is not only free from all of them but feel better like hasn't for a long, long time. He also changed his job which was not serving him anymore etc and so on... basically entire life transformed

Ibogaine for Alcoholism Treatment Review - Iboga Experience

Iboga Retreat - Psycho-Spiritual Iboga Experience

6 weeks after the treatment Gregor talks about his iboga experience. The problem he was struggling with was getting out of abusive relationship and fear related to this relationship he couldn't get through. He got his sugar addiction vanished as unexpected bonus.

Written Ibogaine Testimonials/Reviews

Ibogaine treatment was good. I stopped my addiction and have a feeling like I have never taken drugs before. Will see for how long it lasts but the guys informed me clearly that it is addiction interrupter and a magic pill so I know what to expect and what to do next to stay sober in a long term. Very good value for money comparing to other centres who charge 4 times more. Well done guys and thank you very much.”

Kate G, Ireland

I used to be a man of success. Good job, fast life, pretended happiness. I did not notice that, day by day, step by step, in silence, I was losing contact with what really matters. Finally, I lost myself.
Insomnia, depression, anxiety and fear of next day became my reality for months, almost two years. Looooong years in black and white, with no hope.
I decided to undertake iboga treatment. Now colours are coming back. What's the most important, hope is back. Self-esteem is being rebuilt. Things, like blocks, are coming back to their places in proper order, click by click. Tranquility inside. Tomorrow: why not? Yes: why, the hell, not?!
Iboga Tree is the place. You land in and take off from Alicante/Spain. Adam and Edyta meet you at the airport and drop you off there after the treatment. Between these two points in time you are safe and perfectly taken care of. It takes about a week. You get everything you need (and you are even not aware of) before, during and after the process. Permanent presence of the hosts. Friendly support and care in all terms. Professionalism and very high standards.
One more thing: I got the treatment together with my life partner. I still cannot tell what it did to us, but we both feel it was good. We are closer, deeper; quality of our relationship has risen.
Iboga definitely works for the couples.
The place itself is beautiful. Surroundings, accommodation, food, para-medical care – everything friendly and supporting.
Thank you Guys

John S, UK

Adam and Edyta completely know what they are doing and they are supervising and gave me all the the necessary information and prepared me for Iboga
In my opinion with in which mindset and which environment you go into the initiation is crucially important as well as the the care and attention you receiving at the trip and afterwards.You will be in a (if not the most) very vulnerable state before and after Iboga.
They are cheerful,happy and thoughtful couple, and they provided peaceful and clean atmosphere during my stay. Adam is a experienced chef and food was amazing. I woke up many-times during abnormal hours and they where thoughtful enough to leave me something delicious and nutritious incase I need to eat or drink something. They were there whenever/whatever reason I needed them. Edyta's acupuncture treatment was very helpful to relax my body and mind before the big day. I also have learned many things about nutrition, self-devolopment and self-healing from them.
I am totally satisfied with the medicine and whole treatment. It could not be any better.
Thank you for everything.”

Volkan T, Spain

What a wonderful gift of the Universe it was to participate in a ceremony with Adam and Edyta. It happened all by a weird coincidence where my first choice retreat turned out to be a little bit irresponsible and dodgy forcing me to find a new place. Which I did and after a short search found Iboga Tree House, which I accepted me just in a one month notice and very reasonable price for treatment.
To describe the experience is quite impossible. My friend who is an ayahuascero (shaman working with a sacred plant of ayahuasca) asked me last time how was Iboga?. The only answer that came was this long laughter that lasted for a couple of minutes to which he also joined understanding that none of the experience can be transcribed into words.
Allow me to focus on the set and setting then. Everyday during our 7 day stay (I went there with my girlfriend who didn't participate but came as a support) I felt much taken care of and Adam is such a great cook that his cooking skills alone could make this stay worthwhile! Adam is a great sitter, very quiet and focused. Will ask you once or twice how is your experience on the scale of 1 to 10 if he sees your struggling. This anchor to the 3d world does indeed help to go through peak experiences on iboga. He will also remind you from time to time that all experiences pass and this reassurance is like a balm to the soul that gives it additional courage and strength to face yourself.
I did my initiation ceremony in the last house they rented in Malaga and it was a wonderfully placed (albeit cosy) in the mountain. Now that they moved to an even bigger house and hired a full-time nurse I don't see like anything can go wrong. Allow my wholeheartedly recommend you Adam and Edyta for treatments – from day one you will feel you are in the right time and right place. Adam has huge experience and he talks out of it there is no theories or mind boggling. Edyta completes Adam fantastically and adds this sort of feminine point of view every now and then. Much like Mulder and Scully from X-files although Adam is more reasonable than Mulder. She also does great acupuncture and reads quite well from your body what it needs at the very moment. All in a very serene, respectful and honouring manner. Can't recommend better and will surely visit again as I consider them my good friends now!”

Chris H, Czech Republic

Thank you Adam and Edyta for a wonderful care during and after iboga treatment. For the attention and an amazing feed. After the treatment, and a week rest-recovery, I feel much lighter (about 100kg less off my arms and the head) and see clearer.
I released loads of difficult emotions during the session and I am much more in myself. I can recommend iboga to anyone struggling and not seeing the way out, anyone going in circles with same issues over and over, playing in their head same drama and slowly drowning in the always present past with no chance to live, and to look forward to the future.
Adam's and Edyta's center is based in the scenic area, beautiful mountains in Spain, which is an additional asset to the treatment and time spent afterwards. And what's most important for me, the hosts offer very professional(!) medical, homely and friendly care.

Julia S, Madrid, Spain

Hi, I am 34 and for last 15 years I've been taking drugs. I've been trying to stop with use of different methods but nothing really worked. Friend of mine recommended to me iboga treatment, so I've decided to give it a go and try it. I met Adam & Edyta, both of them are highly professional, very nice and friendly people. Today, 3 months passed since the treatment. I feel really good. I don't have any fear or stress and feel stable so I'd like to highly recommend Edyta and Adam iboga treatment as a great method to give you guys the chance to change your life

J G, Poland

I had an alcohol problem for a long while. I was looking for something that actually works and I came across Iboga Tree Healing House. I went for the treatment and after 24h I had no thoughts about alcohol at all which is something very unusual for me. Before the treatment whenever I was out or at work I would always have thoughts about alcohol almost fantasising about coming back home and having a drink finally. Now, it's already few months after my treatment and I am still off drinking.
Guys are very professional, caring and they really know what they do. Adam and Edyta guided me through the session which was very helpful because at some moments it was tough I must say. They also helped me to prepare for the treatment and with the recovery afterwards.
They offered me also after care options which I didn't expect it like small doses of ibogaine in few months and loads of advises on how to continue to be sober..
Thank you Edyta and Adam
PS. Food was delicious

Peter J, Poland

Their Psycho Spiritual program is really spiritual.
I feel reconnected to my soul & free from fear that I wasn't even aware of.
Life is so different & more joyful after Iboga.
Thanks Edyta & Adam for the journey of my life!

Clodagh P, Dublin, Ireland

I really needed to stop my cocaine addiction,
now after 12 months Iboga Tree after-care program I am still free from addiction.
I would highly recommend their professional & non-judging approach.

Matt C, Brussels, Belgium

I was an alcoholic for 20 years. My professional & personal life was completely destroyed.
Now, after ibogaine treatment and with Adam & Edyta care & spot-on support I regaining my life back again as non-addict.
Is there anything more precious than that?

Gottfried K, Berlin, Germany


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