31st July 2018



  • Chris, 11th September 2018 Reply

    Hello, i am a recovering addict and just read about your centre. I would like to know how much is the treatment for helping in the recovering from opiod addiction. Thank you. Chris

  • Asta Venter, 8th November 2018 Reply

    Dear Sirs,

    The reason I'm seeking help because I'm in very bad shape, mostly psychologically, for a year now.
    To be more precise, I'm suffering from a number of things: severe depression, anorexia (more than 20 years), many fears and pannic attacks, I'm not able to accept myself physically, I have a very poor self esteem, I keep loosing jobs and at the moment I'm not working....
    I also tried to commmit suicide several times and from time to time I'm thinking of it. Also, I have developed an alcohol addiction (I drink a bottle of wine everynight). I smoke tabacco as well.
    All of this has been going on for more than ten years now - as a consequence, I lost my social connections and basically I do not go out (I'm afraid of meeting people).

    My question to you is if it is possible to help me - can Ibogaine treatment help me heal and help get rid of all the bockages that I'm in at present moment.

    Please, understand me well, I have tried psychoterappy, antidepressants and I see this is not working.

    In May, this year I did some shamanic treatment, i.e. Ayahaska, Kambo and Bufo, which had some positive impact on me, but evidently, this was not enough.

    I would much appreciate if you could answer me or maybe find time to speak to me on skype or FB messenger or whatsapp... As I see that my life has become a dissaster and I want to look for possible ways to recovery.

    Your answer would be much appreciated! Do you think some of the healing rituals that you perform could be applicable to a person like me? Could you recommend anything? Could you give me some guidance or anything that I could do in my situation? What would be the price for ibogaine treatment at your center?

    Thank you dearly!
    Asta Venter

  • Stefan Laux, 29th January 2019 Reply

    I think I have a loneliness in relation problem, had a similar situation mother, and equally resorted to alcohol. I need to kick the habit and learn to love myself and be a better father....

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